1. Email

1.1 Creating new email account
1.2 Accessing email using Outlook Express
1.3 Accessing email using Outlook
1.4 Accessing email using Mozilla Thunderbird
1.5 Accessing email using webmail
1.6 Using SPAM filters in Outlook
1.7 Using SPAM filters in Mozilla Thunderbird
1.8 Using SPAM filters in webmail
1.9 Changing email account password

2. EZ-Web

2.1 Login/Logout administration
2.2 Editing or Updating web page
      2.2.1 Selecting the web page to be updated
      2.2.2 Using formatting tools
      2.2.3 Using link tools
      2.2.4 Using file link tool
      2.2.5 Using image manager tool

Note: "domainname.com" refers to your respective domain name.
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